MUSIC: Dream Junkies – Playa Prayin

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DJ Aslan -The Mixing Process [@DJAslan]

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DJ Aslan – “Crowded House” Scratch Routine [@DJAslan @12twlv]

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Jeremiah Dirt has released The Rebel Lion that you can find on Bandcamp here! Please like, share, and enjoy this promo mix by DJ Kair One !!! ALSO…. The Shadow of the Locust team will be releasing their new album – A Mighty Army Cometh! BUT we need your help with additional cost ! You can support by …

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Listen to DJ Pdogg’s tribute show and mix in honor of DJ Official (Nelson Chu). We are all reassured that he is in Heaven but please keep his wife and children in prayer. You can also support the family of Dj Official by purchasing his album Entermission or a T-Shirt. Check out the rest of DJ Pdogg’s …

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This is a very late post but here is a dope Mix by DJ Pez. Based out of Tampa Florida, this young aspiring DJ and producer has more beats and mixes that you can vibe to on Soundcloud. Also make to follow Pez on Twitter and Instagram.

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Always good to see what DJ Sean P. is up to. He recently opened up for RJD2 with Krum. (the artist formally known as Playdough) This might be a late post but I’m feeling the beat by Sean P. Also make sure to check out his new project with ManChild from Mars Ill.

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DJ Aslan from the Immortal Fader Fyters and Table Turners DJs has posted a new mix!! A few days ago Aslan took to Twitter to ask his followers if he should post something new. I would like to thank the 100% of you that said yes in the poll to make this happen. Take a listen of …

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Click here for DJ Overflow’s website and social media links!

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Find DJ E Liz on Twitter Facebook & Youtube Booking:

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MUSIC: Dream Junkies – Playa Prayin Dream Junkies release their 2nd single “Playa Prayin” from their upcoming ‘Good Religion’. Listen now and preorder the album today.

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The infamous DJ Aslan dropped a new mix !!! This Table Turners affiliate collaberated with We Are On3 Clothing and to bring you Part 1 of the “The Mixing Process“. Listen all the way through for a well executed mix that is flavored with Aslan’s unique style and garnished with shout-outs from MOST of the heavy hitters in …

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Fresh West Mix by Djseanp on Mixcloud Hello Everyone, So I was chillin in my cubicle minding my own business when my boss asked me if I would pick up lunch for the whole staff. I was about to say no but he stated the pizza joint was 5 minutes away. Plus I found …

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Hello Familia, So it has been been 4 months since I last posted in this section. I found this out because my boss pointed it out to me the other day and said something to the effect of, “If you are not interested in your DJ lounge then I will find someone that will.” Well …

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Church Trap (Video Mix) – @djvow Vestax VCI-380 / Serato Video I am always excited to see what my fellow DJ are getting into and I have seen video mixing around but not at all in our community. So when I finally got a chance to check this video mix by DJ Vow I was …

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The DJ lounge is up again and ready for posting. This is the first of many post that corresponds to the DJ scene and Art culture within our community. With that being said I thought I would bless one of the pioneers and amazing DJ with a link for a good cause. If you are …

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