VIDEO ALBUM REVIEW: Gill Gatsby – Employee of the Month

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ALBUM REVIEW: Canon – Loose Canon Vol. 2 [@getthecanon @rmgtweets @sohhpr]

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VIDEO ALBUM REVIEW: Gill Gatsby – Employee of the Month Guerilla Cross Album Review of west coast artist Gill Gatsby and his new project “Employee of the Month” that released March 10th 2015. Reviewed by: DavD Beats for Gill Gatsby put together a hip-hop soundtrack to life for the everyday dreamer. This project consist …

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ARTIST VS PROMOTER Part 1 Over the past few months I’ve been to a lot of shows. I’ve been to shows featuring some very non-talented artist (in my opinion), promising up-n-comers, and some of the heavy weights in Christian Hip-Hop. In regards to the shows that have  featured artists who have a larger platform than …

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SOUND THE ALARMS, HIDE YA KIDS, AND HIDE YA WIFE! Why? Because Canon is dropping bombs in “Loose Canon Vol. 2” and there’s no telling who they may hit.

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So you’ve decided to try and make your mark in CHH. You have great content, good delivery, talent, so your music should naturally rise to the top, right? WRONG!Here are 8 things that must be in place for anyone to notice your music.

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Erica Danea is a new emcee who is trying to make her mark CHH genre, with her latest release “Substance on Sound” she puts forth a commendable effort.

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Red Pills + Black Sugar touches on topics such as abusive relationships, suicide, depression, and racial discrimination among others.

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At what point do you call an album a classic? This is a topic of
discussion that can birth many opinions, in this review I’m going to
give mine.

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Dream Junkies – NREM Edition: Album Review As an infantryman in the United States Army I have spent plenty of days and nights in some very unpleasant conditions. I’ll never forget the time I went on a 20 mile ruck march after going 23 days with out taking a shower and drinking hot water out …

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There is an excess of artists in this day and age, and with the abundance of social media platforms that many unexceptional individuals use to parade their “talent”, it’s easy for artists with quality work to get lost in the sauce. Since the staff here at Guerilla Cross is dedicated to presenting listeners with the …

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Album Review: B-Luv – Growth Before writing this review I made the statement, “This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in the last year!” I shocked myself by saying that because I’m a tough critic when it comes to artists in our genre, but after I listened to the album three more times …

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