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Album Review: Scribbling Idiots – Invitation Only [@scribblingidiot @illect]

scribbling-idiots-invitation-only-1000Right off top the mention of the name Scribbling Idiots ought to take most cats back to an era when Hip Hop was still pure, un jaded by the influx of fashion, swag raps, and money talk. Back with a new project titled “Invitation Only” the SI crew takes the loyal following of hip hop fans back to that era, and serves notice to any johnny come lately bandwagon jumpers, that what you thought was just a gimmick, is in fact more than that to some of us!
As if the members of the IHHC weren’t capable of holding it down themselves, they went and recruited the best roster of features I’ve seen on any album in the past 10 years. Names such as ManChild, Jurny Big, Playdough, Sivion, Knowdaverbs, KJ52, Ruslan, Listener, Freddie Bruno, even my man and fellow crew mate Sundance plus a host of other well respected artist bless this project with more color than the finger tips of a LA county graf writer!

Thus the history lesson begins on joints like “Got that Hunger”, “Old Heads” and “Let’s All Get Down” the crew takes you to a place of feel good jazzy grooves with smooth and well delivered lyricism, while on other tracks like “The Goon Docks”, “Here We Go”, “Nothing to Prove” and “Pass It” they get to the heart of what Hip Hop once was…gritty! Through out the project you find it laced with production by some of the best producers out there including Beat Rabbi, Re:Flex the Architect, and Theory Hazit.
To be real with you this album has so much to offer that’s it’s hard for me to stay focused on just one element of it, it sounds nothing like the top 40 pop culture rap “ish” that we’ve been bombarded with over the past 3 to 6 years and I ain’t at all mad about that.
Don’t get it twisted either their are messages to be heard, and valuable gems of wisdom and experience (such as the standout tracks in my opinion) “New Man” and “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda”.
Overall if I had a grade system this album would obliterate the point scale!
So if you thought Hip Hop was dead maybe you have just been excluded from the revolution that truly is by #InvitationOnly or maybe you suckas should just wake up!

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Kwon Five-Nine
Written By

Kwon Five-Nine is owner and co-founder of as well as SPEAKLIFE Radio Show. He has been involved in Christian / Positive Hip Hop since 1993 when he started rapping and has been heavily involved each year since. Starting in 2002, with "ONE80 Hip-Hop Show," a live concert series, Guerilla Cross has grown into a brand that services in concert promotion, event hosting, an online hip-hop & sports magazine, radio, media, ministry, etc. Based in Las Vegas, NV, Kwon Five-Nine has been a pioneer in the local CHH scene, evolving from local to international events and talent management. Covering sports: UFC, NBA, Vegas Golden Knights and more. Kwon has worked with hip-hop labels and artists: Humble Beast Records, Propaganda, Bizzle, Asaiah Ziv, JGivens, Dre Murray, John Givez, Lamp Mode Recordings, and Collision Records to name a few. Kwon is also a recording studio engineer with nearly 20 years of experience, as well as a 10 years experience as a professional web developer and graphic designer.

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