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Album Review: Propaganda – Crimson Cord [@Prophiphop @HumbleBeast]

At what point do you call an album a classic? This is a topic of
discussion that can birth many opinions, in this review I’m going to
give mine.

Album Review: Propaganda – Crimson Cord

propaganda_crimson_cord ALBUM REVIEW_

At what point do you call an album a classic? This is a topic of
discussion that can birth many opinions, in this review I’m going to
give mine. The sound of an album becomes ingrained in the listener’s
heart and mind. The album becomes a memory, an idea and a
representation of a time. Though the beats may be dope and the lyrics
introspective, hearing what sounds like the same song over and over
dulls the listening experience. The fact is nearly every topic and
ideology has been covered. A classic album sets itself apart from the
rest by taking what may be overplayed and turning it into something
unique. A classic album set itself apart as something that’s truly one
of a kind, Propaganda’s latest album “Crimson Cord” does exactly that.

An introspective spirit is necessary for a listener to connect with an
album and for it to gain such classic respectability. “You Mock Me”,
sets this tone for the rest of his album. It felt as if Propaganda
opened his heart and poured out all of his struggles, frustrations,
and insecurities onto a canvas to paint a portrait of the unseen
battles he has within himself. In this song Propaganda has an intense
one-sided conversation with his past. As much as he tries move forward
with his life Propaganda expresses that his past continue mock him.
The transparency in this song was welcoming as it allowed me to
connect with him on a personal level.

Other than introspection, a classic album usually features synchronous
lyrics and melodic music. Crimson Cord undeniably meets this standard
in my opinion. One of the standout songs on the album is “Bored of
Education”. Here Propaganda expresses his frustration with our
educational system as he feels it puts more emphasis in passing state
standards instead of equipping our students with guidance, confidence,
and inspiration. The subject matter of this song in particular song
spoke volumes to me. I personally know many people who have graduated
high school and college with bachelor’s degrees, master’s degree, and
outstanding GPA’s but they’re still unsure of what they want to do
with their lives.

This album isn’t just full of complicated and dreary spoken word
pieces; this album certainly has some bangers on it. “Daywalkers”
featuring Lecrae, “Make”, and “I Don’t See It” are all great songs to
bang in your car, especially if your sound system is bass friendly.
One of the tracks that stood out to me the most was “How Did We Get
Here” featuring JGivens and Andy Mineo. Andy Mineo sings an infectious
hook over a pounding drum kick and an atmospheric synthesizer while
Propaganda and JGivens spit energetic verses that gave me the “stank”
face every time I heard the song. Every song on “Crimson Cord” is
dope, each song compliments the next, each song tells a story, and
every song touches on a different topic.

Themes of social status, introspection, melody, and originality can
all be considered elements of a classic album. But perhaps the most
important element is the listener. Some may consider one album a
classic and some may not. People’s opinions are regional,
generational, they depend on how the listener was brought up, their
social status, etc. No matter how introspective the lyrics are, how
dope the beats are and how original the emcee, an album will never be
considered a classic unless it pulls the listener in. A classic album
tells a story, paints a picture and gets heads nodding all at once.

I listened to “Crimson Cord” and I heard a classic body of work. I don’t
know if this album will be perceived as a classic by the masses, only
time will reveal that. I feel like this some of best work Propaganda
has ever created. I encourage every lover of great music to go and get
this album.

 review written by: DavD


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