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Album Review: Humble Tip – Free Thinking [@HumbleTip]

Album Review: Humble Tip – Free Thinking


Humble Tip is an artist that I have followed for quite a while. By quite a while I mean since 2009. I have more of his albums than I do of any other artist with the exceptions of Lecrae and Da T.r.u.t.h.  Which in my view is not a bad place to be. I have his albums “Our Turn”, “S.H.O.C.K”, “Brainwashed: The Deluxe Edition, and now “FreeThinking”.

So I find myself suitably equipped in giving an honest and through review of his work.  Truth Nugget!  “Free Thinking” is substantially different from Humble Tips earlier works. He pushes the envelope of his sound and message on this album. This installation of Humble Tip is the best Humble Tip that I have heard thus far. He is never stagnant in his sound, Humble Tip’s sound has evolved and has become more formidable than any of his previous audio achievements.

“Free Thinking” is not an album that was put out to just remain current, this album shows that Humble Tip is still hungry and passionate about the Lord and his music. He wastes no time with formalities, there is no intro just a straight dive in to the songs. It is like when Mike Tyson walked to the ring, there was no intro music, no showboating, he went straight to the ring and was ready to commence bombardment. When you click play you are given the old one, two of “Lay It Down.” This song is a certified anthem, the violins set the atmosphere, while the horns give a resonance of majestic splendor. The cymbals are a nice touch but are second fiddle to Humble Tip’s lyrics and Young Rell’s vocals. The whole song is bubbling with the aromatics of greatness. I know the word “aromatic” is often paired with the sense of smell,  but that sense has to learn patience and stand in line with the others that I am not using  as vigorously. I was so impressed with this song, that I could do a review on it alone. But for the sake of time and this being an album review I must move on. The next song is ” Face Low, Cross High” it begins  as a clap fest but morphs into this piano keyed spectacle. The drum and trumpet lines feel as though they are stomping into the sound canvas leaving depressions in their wake. The chipmuky chorus line is very catchy and is flush within the parameters of the song. This attention to detail makes Humble Tip’s lyrics jump out at you. It is like having 3-D glasses on your eardrums, thus making the lyrical content very vivid.

The title track “Free Thinking” is riddled with sound of a buzzy guitar riff, that is complimented by a rock esque vibe. The track is straight and the lyrical content is pristine, it is a very solid track.

Another track that I really thought was nice is “G-Status.”  It has that Texas lean sound without the codeine. I guarantee you if D.J. Screw was still alive he would be all over this track. It is awesome without being chopped and screwed, so you know it would sound even better if it was. I like the track a lot. It shows Humble Tip has listened to some of the great underground  pioneers and innovators such as D.J. Screw. Another plus is that the content is spot on, if you listen to the track you will know what I mean by that.

The next song I want to highlight is “My Pain” featuring Miss Jay Cole. It is the realist song that I have ever heard. Humble Tips glides his  over a grand piano and church organ. It is straight lyrical and with Miss Jay Cole singing her heart out makes the song grab you and suspend you in relevance. This is without a doubt my favorite song from Humble Tip period.

The last song that I want to highlight is ” Never Leave You Alone” featuring Drew Miller. This song is Praise and Worship infused with elements of Hip-Hop, which is a great mixture. Drew Miller’s vocals adds this aura of worship  in which you can feel the anointing flowing from the speakers. It is truly a sincere track, and as always Humble Tip delivers lyrics that make you not only reflect but stick with you. I was repeating his lyrics from the song without even recognizing I was doing it. Now that goes shows how powerful and anointing is on this song. As my Grandaddy used to say “it is hard to put something that is good down.”  I am definitely  taking  his advice to heart, because I am not putting this album down. It is permanently going to have a home at the top of my playlist. This album is a must have,  and if you do not have it you need to go get it. For real, like time now.Lol. Thanks for reading, Be easy,Stay Blessed


*note: authors reviews do not necessarily reflect the opinions of ownership or affiliates.

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