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ALBUM REVIEW: Deraj – Mirrors & Medicine EP [@justDeraj @rmgtweets]

Mirror and Medicine

deraj no fearWhen I first heard the title of Deraj’s  EP,  I instantly thought about a medicine cabinet. Weird right? But let me explain, I know when I am sick I always look at myself in the mirror and gauge whether or not  I look like I need the medicine behind it. Regardless of how I look , I am still going to get the medicine based on how I feel, but the mirror does help me to realize that I desperately need to take the medicine to get better. If you replace the mirror with your heart and the medicine with God it begins to click together. Well at least in my mind it does. Maybe I read into thing to much, but enough with my thought process; we are here to talk about Deraj’s  EP.  The first thing I liked about the EP was the cover art, it was a very captivating display. I think it drew me into the EP and made me want to hear the songs because if the cover art was of such a high calibur then I knew the songs had to be as well. I like the songs just as much as I like the cover art. The EP consists of six songs. I know you are probably saying to yourself six songs,  for real?  I know that six songs does not seem like a lot, but this is a quality over quantity situation.
   Deraj displays more musical and lyrical prowess in six songs than most do in a full album. He begins the EP with the song “Egypt” feat YSMN,  with its echoed piano, buzz like vocals, electric guitar chords and brushed drummed provides a different type of sound. It is not your run of the mill sound, it reminds me of what Andre 3000 did with his sound. This song levitates away from the boundaries and confines of Hip-Hop’s set dimensions. Only a a handful of rap artist would dare to and successfully accomplish this feat. I like the song a lot for the message and the sound; it definitely has its own signature.
The next song is “No Fear”. I have been listening to this song ever since it was dropped as a single. This song is epic, the approach in lyricism is different yet relatable and  Ginelle Yvonne kills it with her singing talents. I particularly like that even though the beat is dope, it is not leaned on in order for the song to make an impact. You can hear the colors of the song, it is like  Deraj’s and Ginelle Yvonne’s talents are the brush strokes that turn the canvas of the beat into a masterpiece. I love the song it is one mof my top  fifteen favorites.
    “Solitaire” feat Je’kob is propelled by an arcade like synth line, and a bass line that spurts like a three round burst from a assault rifle. The chorus is hot and very catchy.
“What You Say” feat Cannon has an electric guitar strummed, and starched drummed sound. It sounds like a song you would hear at an extreme sporting event,  Deraj and Cannon verses do “Yolo Flips” on the track.  The verses are great in that they are in the range of rap yet show signs of being rocked out. But the last verse is an all out lyrical assault, that breaks up and elevates the song. I really like this song.
The last song in which I would like to discuss is “Forgive You Much” feat Vladimir-Petit Frere, which a grand piano led  ballad. This is actually one of my most favorite songs from the album. It does not surpass “No Fear” but it is a favorite of mine none the less. I think the reason that I like it so much is the fact that it sounds really personal and heart felt. It shows Deraj’s passion and displays his ability to flexicute as an artist. I know flexicute is not a real word but in order to describe Deraj’s talent you have to combine words.
      Overall I like the EP a lot the whole presentation of it is representative of quality over quanity. The EP is well rounded and I recommend that you check it out. It is well worth the effort and time.

Listen to our Conversation with Deraj on SPEAKLIFE Radio:

Download Deraj: Mirrors & Medicine here

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