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ALBUM REVIEW: Dee-1 – 3’s Up (EP)

ALBUM REVIEW: Dee-1 – 3’s Up (EP)

Dee-1 3's upEver since Dee-1 stepped on the music scene and basically slapped us in the face with his strong delivery, and his general disregard for what people think of him. There has been a lot of buzz and a bit of confusion surrounding Dee. No one knew where he fit exactly. Just as the confusion had begun to reach its peak Dee sat down with Sway and completely settled all of the confusion. Now the time has come and he has finally released a project that is not a mixtape first, so is Dee-1’s 3’s up EP a boom or a bust?

I was extremely excited for this EP and to be honest its release kind of snuck up on me. I mean it was just yesterday that Dee was on Sway in the morning talking about his plans to release new music and how he wouldn’t be doing anything less than greatness this coming year. I personally say that as a promise because the man truly is on a mission. At the same time i worried that like a lot of Dee’s previous project i would struggle to like a good a majority of it. I can happily say that in the case of the 3’s up EP, that is not the case.

I have to say that if there was ever an example of an EP done well it is this one. Dee did a great job of setting a theme sticking to it and not wavering at all in his position or direction. Of course the Lead single “Against Us” is one of my favorites because the full gambit of his talents are on display for the listen to really take in. It doesn’t help that the message one of true power. He truly is determined to show that no matter what as long as God is on his side there is no man or problem that could stand against him.

Overall, this is a very well put together project and each song has its purpose and it’s place. There a great progression and a journey. Now of course I can’t just let at the positives because there were definitely a couple of things that I thought were low points. First of which was the song “ Show on the Road” while the song is a bit of a catchy tune ultimately it just feels that in someways its doesn’t completely go along aside the overall message of the EP. Its still a good song, but when compared to some of the other songs it falls a bit flat. The next and only other low point would have to be 3’s up, now its a great song and it was a great song on the last two mixtapes that Dee-1 released, but as an individual that is really in tune with the movement I really was hoping for a new 3’s up anthem something that would get me excited all over again hop out of my seat and want to get right to work no matter the time or place at which i was listening to the song.

Ultimately, like I said this is a great project and it shows that Dee is really pushing forward and is aiming toward really accomplishing the mission that he knows he was put here on earth to strive to complete. I have no doubt in my mind that when he get back into the studio to record for his next project that we will be receive a product that has be tested in the fires and that will be amazing. Just like everyone else I just want to see Dee go from being good to great. If you’re looking for something that will help motivate you I would highly recommend giving this one a listen.

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