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ALBUM REVIEW: Canon – Loose Canon Vol. 2 [@getthecanon @rmgtweets @sohhpr]

SOUND THE ALARMS, HIDE YA KIDS, AND HIDE YA WIFE! Why? Because Canon is dropping bombs in “Loose Canon Vol. 2” and there’s no telling who they may hit.

ALBUM REVIEW: Canon – Loose Canon Vol. 2

canon-loose-canon-vol-2-cover-640SOUND THE ALARMS, HIDE YA KIDS, AND HIDE YA WIFE! Why? Because Canon is dropping bombs in “Loose Canon Vol. 2” and there’s no telling who they may hit.

There’s no other adjective to describe this body of work except to call it a BANGER.  Beginning with the intro of the album “Go Off” featuring Lucious, Canon impressed me with his impeccable wordplay through his signature “twisting” style of rap. Most listeners may not be able to appreciate the technical skill needed to rap the way that Canon does. In order to rap like that your breath control has to be magnificent. You also have to be very brave to rap like this because not many people can perform songs like this live.

Loose Canon Vol. 2 is a feature heavy album. The first pair of lyricists to make their appearance on LCV2 are Social Club. I enjoy listening to Social Club, especially on tracks like the one they’re featured on “Motivation”. As much as I like Social Club I felt that their verses on this song felt a little forced. I wish Marty and Fern would have fleshed out their verses a little more, but since they shared a 16 on this song maybe we’ll have to wait until the next time these artists collaborate. Other than that little nitpick this song is dope.

Canon served us this album with a plenty of hard hitting songs, so when I came across “Common Sense” featuring B. Cooper and Mau Nu’u it was refreshing to hear a song that was more mellow in comparison to the other tracks on the album. B. Cooper gives a great message that should be very relatable to many people, especially for people who have big dreams, #rappers.  Canon delivers some very on time biblical truth with lyrics like “It would seem like common sense to be all knowing/ But uncertainty would be something that Yah would use so our faith would start growing”.  Individuals make plans for their lives and sometimes plans don’t become reality as we would want them to. It’s important as believers to understand that the Lord will use difficult times in our lives to grow our faith. Canon’s verse expresses this very clearly for the listener.

“Put Me On” featuring Reconcile and Derek Minor, I have been wearing this song out.  The energy on this song is off the meter! The way Reconcile delivers the hook on this song, the delivery of the artists, the production from Kenneth Aldridge makes “Put Me On” the best song on the entire album in my opinion.

Out of all the music that has been coming out lately, Loose Canon Vol. 2 is definitely an album that you need in your iTunes library. Canon delivered an A class piece of work with this project. The production is great, the mix on the songs are on point, Canons delivery and lyricism is good, and project is filled with biblical truth. I’m positive that any lover of rap music would enjoy this project, even if they’re not a Christian. I encourage everyone who reads this review to buy two copies of Loose Canon Vol. 2 when it drops, one for yourself and one to give to someone else to plant a seed in their life. 

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