ALBUM REVIEW: The Battery – The Change Up

ALBUM REVIEW: The Battery – The Change Up

the-battery-the-change-up album review GCSo I just finished listening to arguably the dopest emcee/producer combination that the CHH genre has to offer, and I am inspired. As a fan, I’m taken back to a time when flamboyance didn’t matter, when it was all about the music and the skill. As an emcee I’m forced to check my verses and trash anything that lacks true substance. And as a producer, I hate myself right now (thanks Peace). Flamboyance is not what makes this project a stand out effort, but rather simplicity. Classically executed sample techniques set the backdrop for possibly the smoothest and most talented wordsmith I’ve ever heard Christian or otherwise. What will set this joint apart from everything else you hear this year is the overall raw energy and strait forward approach that you would expect when you hear the names Jurny Big and Peace586. On this latest effort from the collective, The Battery, will take you back to a time when the value of a good album was measured by the quality of what you hear, and not the hype that surrounds it! Jurny as always delivers what those who know him or know of him have come to expect…a pure, unashamed, OG perspective of what’s real and not real, who’s really ill, and who’s a sucka! Look no further than joints like The Bitter Pill, Dear Lord, and Lazy Susan for the evidence of that truth. If these two veterans are the personification of Hip Hop artists’ who happen to be Christian… I pray the new generation of CHH pay close attention and get ready for The Change Up

Oh and what would a hip hop album be without a crew track, Copy Us made me ask the question, “Another TR album?” (in my Ron Burgundy voice)

~Cardiac P formerly Child P~


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