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Album Reviews

Album Review: B-Luv – Growth [@imBLuv]

Album Review: B-Luv – Growth

bluv growth

Before writing this review I made the statement, “This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in the last year!” I shocked myself by saying that because I’m a tough critic when it comes to artists in our genre, but after I listened to the album three more times I can confidently say that “Growth” by B-Luv is one of the best albums I’ve heard in the past year.

The overall production on this album really impressed me. The entire album has a very crisp, very clean, and very polished sound. Growth stands out in the musical department, as it doesn’t sound like the typical albums that currently flood our genre, which are comprised of cookie-cutter trap beats. The production is quite impressive as it steps out-of-the-box and balances sounds that you generally wouldn’t hear in unison. In tracks like “Guidance”, “The Vow”, and “Success.Fear.Reflections” you’re able to hear 808′s blended with violins, harps, grand pianos, and angelic vocal backings. The album truly sounds phenomenal; the orchestral feel puts you in a mental space that allows you to meditate on B-Luv’s equally rich lyrics, and appreciate messages that feel like they were pulled from the deepest depths of his heart.

B-Luv continually displays his ability as an impressive rapper and a prodigious lyricist through the entire album, while keeping each song scripturally opulent, and he does this without sounding “corny”. “Addictions can be broken, if we just trust God/ but how can you serve him with luke warm iPods?” This is a small illustration of some of the introspective views that B-Luv offers to his listeners through his lyrics. He touches on topics such as pre-marital sex, pride, and humility. B-Luv is able to successfully engage these topics without sounding like he’s trying to condemn the listener as he directs many of his questions and introspective views toward himself. It should also be noted that B-Luv has some very notable features from other prominent artists, and he’s able to keep up with them without being left behind. In his final song on the album “Success.Fear.Reflections” he shares some of his views that are equally shared by many artists that are trying to make their mark in CHH. “Sometimes it feels like, if you aint signed to Reach/ most artists, blogs, and DJ’s won’t even speak/ It’s a shame in our genre we feel the need to compete/with one another, don’t we got the same goals to reach?” In no way do I feel like B-Luv is trying to take shots at Reach Records, instead he is just making an observation that seems to be the reality for many artists.

B-Luv has entered the CHH scene with an impressive body of work. I don’t have anything negative to say about the album because it’s DOPE! If you’re looking for an album to listen to that is full of rich content, well-produced, and will encourage you, then go and purchase this album today!


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